Writer, Teacher, Culturemaker

Dougald HIne

There is a task ahead of us – to regrow a living culture.

Over the past two decades, my work has travelled into many fields. These days, you’ll meet me as a writer or a teacher, giving talks in well-lit conference halls or hosting conversations around campfires. Throughout it all, there is an invitation to join in the task of culture-making.

These are shadowed times, no question. A tide of loss runs through all our lives: the knowledge that our kind has brought about the sixth great dying in the long life of the Earth. The promises which once offered to hold our societies together ring hollow now to many. The maps by which we were taught to make sense of the world no longer fit the landscape.

Faced as we are with all this loss and disorientation, there are voices that urge optimism, insisting on the need to reboot a bold faith in the future. Well, I don’t think that’s going to cut it. Instead, the invitation I offer is to a humbler kind of hope, foolish and full of heart, born out of the dark ground of grief and longing. The kind of hope that may yet lie on the far side of despair.

I come from England. Since 2012, I’ve made a home with my family in Sweden. Now we are starting a school that’s based in both countries. It’s a school called HOME, a school for culturemakers. A meeting point for those drawn to this work – the work of regrowing a living culture among the ruins. Together, we will redraw the maps, steering by the wild stars and the wisdom of many times and places, cultivating the courage which it takes to come alive in times like these.

It all starts with our first course from 4-8 June 2018 – and you can find out more on the school website.

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