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Haunted by Shadows of the Future

On Sunday 30 March, I’ll be travelling through time and space to be part of HORIZONS at the Tensta Konsthall.

Twenty minutes ride on the Blue Line from downtown Stockholm, Tensta is one of the ‘million programme’ suburbs, concrete estates thrown up at an alarming speed in the late 1960s. Over the past six months, the Konsthall has been hosting exhibitions, conversations and events under the banner of Tensta Museum: Reports from New Sweden.

As part of this, STEALTH.unlimited are bringing together what they describe as ‘a jam session on future scenarios for Tensta’:

HORIZONS is an attempt to
 re-set Tensta into probable, speculative, or perhaps rather unseemly futures in the year 2030. Will this, yet unknown Tensta be an autonomous zone, where the residents of this disregarded part of Stockholm have successfully taken their destiny into their own hands? Or 
will its multi-faceted society prove so vital that this ‘new Sweden’ comes to dominate the entire country by 2030? Or will Tensta’s original but unfulfilled mission – of creating an environment that acknowledges and gives space to a fully liberated and democratic model citizen – ultimately be re-created? And what would such a citizens’ liberation and equality mean if we could live it today?

When Ana and Marc from STEALTH invited me to be one of the four contributors creating scenarios for the event, I asked if they were sure they had the right person.

But while I don’t know Tensta as a place, I do have some sense of the new Sweden, because I’ve spent much of the past year surrounded by fellow immigrants, learning the language and working out how to make a life in this country. Without giving too much away, my scenario for 2030 is about the difference that the New Swedes – my classmates included – could make to this country’s ability to adapt to a future in which the age of mass prosperity has become a distant memory.

Having checked out the other contributors, it promises to be an exciting event:

Adam Tensta (hip-hop artist, challenger of vested cultural norms and laborious creator of one’s own realities, born and based in Tensta)

Gunilla Lundahl (cultural journalist, writer and editor with a long-standing commitment to urban culture and discourse since her start at newspaper The Worker in 1955)

Tor Lindstrand (architect, assistant professor at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH-A), and a cross-disciplinary performer, editor and thinker).

HORIZONS is free and open to all. It’s happening at 14.00 on Sunday 30 March, 2014. You can read all about it on the Tensta Konsthall site – and there’s also a Facebook event.