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It’s been quiet on this site for a year or so – and given how much else is going on, I figured I owe anyone coming here an update.

For almost the only time in my life, since January 2015, I have had a job title, an office and a regular income, as leader of artistic and audience development at Riksteatern, Sweden’s national theatre. (A touring national theatre owned by a democratically-structured ‘popular movement’.) It’s been a weird trip, not least because there hasn’t been much to show on the surface yet for the work I’ve been doing – though that will change soon.

As it does, I’m getting ready to move on. I’ll still be working with Riksteatern, but less intensively – and the plan for 2017 is to spend more time writing. (Also to give this site an overhaul – including gathering up a bunch of my older posts that have disappeared from other corners of the web.)

For now, if you want to know what I’ve been up to…

  • Redrawing the Maps is a Medium publication where I’m writing about how we find our bearings in an age of political disorientation.
  • Crossed Lines is an email newsletter where I write about whatever I’m thinking, feeling or working on, including more personal stuff. I also use it to send out early drafts of new writing – and I’ve been enjoying the one-to-one email conversations with readers that come out of this.
  • The Dark Mountain Workshop blog has a few glimpses from part of the work I’ve been doing with Riksteatern, though that project is badly in need of better documentation.
  • The original Dark Mountain Project is going strong, there’s a new book out (which I haven’t had much involvement in), and other plans afoot.
  • Speaking of which, I think there are still some places left on the course that Paul Kingsnorth and I are teaching at Schumacher College, Devon in March 2017 on Art at the end of the world (as we know it).
  • And I continue to be active on Twitter most days (even if I need to fix the Twitter plugin on this site which seems to have stopped updating back in January).

Stand by for news of various publications and other goings on that are in the works. (I’m starting to think I should give them James Bond-style codenames so I can write cryptically about them like Warren Ellis does in his newsletter… But I think Warren is better qualified in the Bond department than I am.)

Oh, and if you have an idea you want to talk to me about, get in touch. Handing in the job title should mean I’m more available for freelance shenanigans than I have been over the past couple of years.

Image: Mark Hillary, Men at work in Coldfall Wood

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