A selection of essays, articles, conversations, book reviews and newsletters.

It’s Time to Start a School

Issue 16 of my Crossed Lines newsletter was where we first announced the launch of a school called HOME.

Where the Words Run Out

For AHA! festival in Gothenburg, Alexander Dam, Sara Rousta and I created this performance for two dancers and a writer running out of words.

Three Seasons With CEMUS

This essay was my contribution to the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the Centre for Environment and Development Studies at Uppsala University.

Childish Things

This essay on the role of art in modernity and its relationship to the sacred was written for Dark Mountain: Issue 12 – SANCTUM.

How Climate Change Arrives

An essay for The Precariat, a one-off newspaper published by the organisers of Planet B festival in Peterborough.

You Want It Darker

When the regular mechanisms of political narration break down, there is a need for something stranger: liminal writing for liminal times.
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