About My Work

When I was 25, I walked away from a career as a BBC journalist, in search of another way of telling stories.


What I learned in the years that followed led to the founding of a series of organisations that have caught people’s imaginations and gained international recognition.


Meanwhile, as a writer, I set out to trace the deep cultural roots of the political disorientation and ecological unravelling which are reshaping our world.


Much of my work involves hosting conversations – and, increasingly, teaching what I’ve learned so far along this journey.


For a twenty-page self-published pamphlet, Uncivilisation: The Dark Mountain Manifesto (written with Paul Kingsnorth) has travelled a long way, from a lead review by John Gray in the New Statesman on its publication in 2009, to the New York Times’ acknowledgement, five years on, that Dark Mountain was ‘changing the environmental debate in Britain and the rest of Europe’.

Written as a blogpost the morning after the UK general election of 2015, The Only Way Is Down was read by 70,000 people in a weekend and became the first in a series of occasional reflections on political disorientation, collected online at Redrawing the Maps.

My recent work has focused on the role of art under the shadow of climate change – as in The Shield of Perseus, written for the Free Word Centre in London – and the historical entanglement between art and the sacred, as in The Crossing of Two Lines (Elemental Editions, 2013) and SANCTUM, a special issue of Dark Mountain which I edited in 2017.

Also in 2017, Medan klockan tickar (While the Clock is Ticking) – a play I co-wrote with Anders Duus, Ninna Tersman and Jesper Weithz – was produced by the Royal Dramatic Theatre, Stockholm and taken on tour by Riksteatern.

I am represented by David Godwin at David Godwin Associates, London.


From Google’s Think Infinite! events in São Paulo and Buenos Aires to TEDx conferences in London, Oaxaca and Uppsala, I am at home on stage, telling stories and bringing ideas to life. If you’d like me to speak at an event you’re organising, get in touch.


I teach regularly at Uppsala University’s Centre for Environment and Development Studies, the Kaospilot school in Aarhus, Denmark, and Schumacher College in England. Over the years, I’ve also been a guest lecturer at dozens of universities, art schools and business schools across Europe.

In 2018, I am starting a small school of my own. Watch out for announcements on this site, or sign up for my newsletter for updates.


I spent two years as leader of artistic development at Riksteatern, Sweden’s touring national theatre. Between this and my role at Dark Mountain, I’ve worked with many artists, writers and performers, supporting the development of their personal practice and contributing to the early phases of creative projects.

At Idea Camp 2015: Build the City


When the European Cultural Foundation held Idea Camp 2015: Build The City in Stockholm, they brought me in as lead facilitator, working closely with the event team, presenting from the stage and weaving a red thread through the four days of the event.

For the Kings Cultural Institute in London, I brought together a team to create Redrawing the Maps, a week-long ‘free school’ in celebration of the work and life of John Berger, accompanying the exhibition of Berger’s archive at Somerset House.

From hosting intimate conversations that go deep into the themes about which I write, to bringing panel discussions to life at festivals and conferences, to developing ambitious event formats that escape the usual speaker-audience dynamic – the creation of meaningful spaces of conversation is at the core of my work.

If you’d like to discuss working together on an event, get in touch.