My name is Dougald Hine.

I’m a social thinker, writer, speaker and the kickstarter of a series of projects and organisations, including the ‘utopian regeneration agency’ Spacemakers, the web startup School of Everything and the Dark Mountain Project.

My work is about bringing ideas to life. It’s what I aim to do in my writing and my talks, telling stories that help us make sense of our lives and rethink our institutions in a world of disruption and uncertainty.

It’s also a process that I’ve been through with projects, enough times to start to recognise the patterns: the journey that starts when an idea in a conversation catches people’s imagination, becomes believable enough to put time, energy and money into making it real. The journey by which dreams give rise to responsibilities.

The projects that I’ve helped to dream up have caught a lot of people’s imaginations. In 2012, I was named as one of Britain’s 50 New Radicals by Nesta (the UK innovation agency), my work was profiled as one of 13 case studies in the EU’s Team Culture report on ‘the role of culture in a time of crisis’, and I was invited to São Paolo and Buenos Aires to speak at Google’s Think Infinite! events.

I’ve worked with organisations including the BBC, the British Council, Demos, Design for London, King’s Cultural Institute, the London Borough of Lewisham, the London Borough of Lambeth, the Royal Institute of British Architects, the Turning Point Network, Webb deVlam and the Young Foundation.

My articles and essays have appeared in Aeon, The Guardian, Open Democracy and STIR magazine, as well as in academic, cultural and policy publications. I’ve also collaborated on the writing and editing of eight books and pamphlets, including four issues of the Dark Mountain journal.

Arriving in Sweden

Two years ago, I left London and I’m slowly arriving in Sweden. I live with my partner in Västerås, a small city on Lake Mälaren, 100km west of Stockholm.

Right now, much of my time is given to learning the language, getting oriented to Swedish society and building relationships with institutions, projects and people here.

So far, my clients in Sweden have included Forsbergs Skola, Future Perfect festival, Global Utmaning, Göteborgs Universitet, Högskolan Dalarna, Konstfack, Mejan Arc and Tensta Museum.

I also published a book in 2013 with the Stockholm artist duo Performing Pictures, The Crossing of Two Lines.

In the longer term, I have an idea about creating a centre here in Sweden – part think tank, part school – a physical hub for the networks and conversations that have shaped my work over the last few years.

For now, though, I’m looking for smaller-scale projects and commissions in which I can bring my experience, skills and networks together with the needs of Swedish partners.

Wider connections

I continue to advise on strategy for Spacemakers and I spend a significant amount of my time working with Dark Mountain as Managing Editor.

I am a Senior Visiting Fellow in Higher Education at the Centre for Educational Research and Development at the University of Lincoln, a member of the faculty of the Kaospilots school in Aarhus and a member of the FoAM culture lab in Brussels.

I am a guest lecturer at a number of universities, art and architecture schools around Europe.