Finding A Way Home: Stroud, 15 October 2018

This event in Stroud will be a chance to hear more about what we’re doing at HOME, the school Anna and I are starting. I’ll be speaking alongside Francis Barton, one of the participants in our first course.

There’s a phrase we use to describe this school called HOME: ‘a gathering place and a learning community for those who are drawn to the work of regrowing a living culture.’ It’s a vision that we’re starting to realise, with all the stumbling and humbling moments that go with bringing any project into reality – and an important step towards that was the course that we held in June, when twenty-two scholars converged on our corner of Sweden for five days for Finding Our Way Home.

So when planning a trip to England for the Convivial Tools symposium (13 October), I was very pleased to get an invitation from one of our scholars, Francis Barton, to come and speak on his home ground in Stroud. I’m looking forward to the chance to talk more about what it can mean to talk about ‘the work of regrowing a living culture’.

The evening will include contributions from Francis and me, along with our hosts, Emily Joy and Alison Cockcroft of Periscope, the arts organisation who have made this event possible.

Tickets are available in advance from the venue – Stroud Valleys Artspace, 4 John Street, Stroud – or if travelling from further afield, you can contact Periscope about reserving a ticket.

More details here.