Heading to Denmark

Travelling to Denmark for the next stage in a collaboration with the glass artists Monica Guggisberg and Philip Baldwin.

Strange to be sitting on a train, setting off on a journey, after months in which I’ve not been further than an occasional trip to the centre of our small city. For better and/or worse, the restrictions have been lighter here than for most of you, so I’m just imagining the mixture of sensations that come with the reopening of societies that have been strictly closed.

In fact, I’m heading for Denmark, and the border is still closed to non-essential travel, so I come equipped with a letter from the Glass Museum in Ebeltoft explaining why my presence there is essential. After six months of phone calls, I should finally meet the artists Monica Guggisberg and Philip Baldwin. We’re working on a book together and their exhibition opens tomorrow. I look forward to all of this, yet if the border guards were to press me on whether the trip is essential, I don’t know if that’s the word I’d use.