Homeward Bound: An Invitation

Join me for an eight-week online offering from a school called HOME.

Well, here’s an invitation I’m excited to share – the first online offering from a school called HOME, an eight-part series I’ll be teaching, starting next Thursday evening. If you’ve found something that spoke to you in my writing or the projects I’ve created over the years, then here’s a chance to go a bit deeper into where all of that came from. 

I’ll be retracing the encounters that helped me find my bearings in my twenties and the thinking that underpinned the work I’ve done since – but this is also about the broader questions of how we get oriented and find a direction of travel, when the upward sweeping curves of progress, growth and development stop making sense. What could it mean to be ‘homeward bound’, starting from where we find ourselves, in this strange spring of 2020?

The price for the series is 1000 SEK (roughly £80, €90 or $100), but there are discounts available for those whose current circumstances put that out of reach, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if that’s you.

I’m excited to see what we can do, bringing this work to a new platform – a way of meeting each other that may not match how it would be to sit around a table together, but might just open the hospitality of our little school to those who would never find their way across its threshold here in Sweden.