SANCTUM is here

There’s never been a Dark Mountain book into which I put more of my heart than this, SANCTUM, our special issue on ‘the sacred’ which is published today.

As soon as Steve Wheeler and I began work on SANCTUM, we understood that it wouldn’t be possible to make a book ‘about’ the sacred, as though it were a topic to be taken up and examined at arm’s length. This had to be made out of our experience, our beliefs and our doubts – and we had to ask the same of our contributors. In all kinds of ways, that intention has been fulfilled.

This morning, four boxes of this issue arrived here in Västerås – and, in between getting the book launched on the DM website, I couldn’t resist taking some pictures to show you quite what a thing of beauty it is. Thanks to all the amazing collaborators who made this possible.

SANCTUM is available now from the Dark Mountain website. And here’s a video where I read from the editorial that Steve and I wrote to introduce the book.