Introducing a school called HOME

An announcement about a new project Anna and I are launching together.

Well, it’s not a “school of everything” – and it doesn’t promise to be the future of the university. But a lot of heart has gone into this little school that we’re launching today. And I’ve never felt more grounded, bringing a project out into the world, than doing it alongside Anna.

Our first course runs from 4-8 June – and you can read the invitation that we’re making on the school website.

If something in that invitation that we’re making speaks to you, then get in touch soon, as places are already filling up for our first course in June. And if there’s someone you think of when you read it, then pass it in their direction.

This isn’t just about filling places on a course, it’s about growing a community and creating a home for the invisible college that has sustained our work over the years. Thanks to all of you who have been and continue to be a part of that.