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Uncivilisation: The Dark Mountain Manifesto

The pamphlet that launched the Dark Mountain Project and shaped much of the work that I’ve done since.

The end of the world as we know it is not the end of the world full stop. Together, we will find the hope beyond hope, the paths which lead to the unknown world ahead of us.

In 2007, I read a blogpost from an environmental journalist called Paul Kingsnorth, declaring his intention to quit the trade of journalism – and then, in the final paragraph, voicing an idea he had for a new publication. There was something in his words that spoke to me and we began exchanging emails, then meeting up in the corners of pubs, and two years later the fruits of our conversations took shape as a manifesto.

This twenty-page pamphlet was the starting point for the Dark Mountain Project and much of the work that I’ve done since. You can read the full text on the Dark Mountain website, order it in paperback or read the essay I wrote to introduce the fifth anniversary edition, telling the story of how the manifesto came about and what happened as it made its way out into the world.

Paul and I at the launch of the manifesto in July 2009. (Photograph: Andy Broomfield)