Coming Down the Mountain


After ten years of holding the space of Dark Mountain โ€“ the space between stories, the place you come when things you once believed in no longer make sense โ€“ it’s time for me to move on. I won’t be leaving overnight, but I’m now working to finish up or hand over the bits for which I’m responsible, and once we’ve celebrated the tenth anniversary of the manifesto next...

Dark Mountain: The Online Edition


So many of my working hours in the first half of 2018 went into the new Dark Mountain website. It was a strange experience to have it “go live” while I was offline and away from work of all kinds last month. But also appropriate, a reminder that there are others who will take this project forwards.

Introducing a school called HOME


Well, it’s not a “school of everything” โ€“ and it doesn’t promise to be the future of the university. But a lot of heart has gone into this little school that we’re launching today. And I’ve never felt more grounded, bringing a project out into the world, than doing it alongside Anna.