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Medan klockan tickar

A play commissioned by the Royal Dramatic Theatre, Stockholm about what it’s like when the Anthropocene is your day job. Co-written with Anders Duus, Nina Tersmann & Jesper Weithz.

Four researchers are thrown together in a room. They come from different fields and different backgrounds, they are at different stages in their careers, but what they have in common is that their work has brought them to the frontline of human impact on the living world. We listen in on their conversation, as they talk about what it does to you when climate change isn’t something you read about in the newspaper, or go to a protest about, or try not to think about, but the thing that is waiting on your desk at nine o’clock each morning.

As part of the Människans scen project, the Royal Dramatic Theatre, Stockholm commissioned four members of the Dark Mountain Workshop to collaborate on a play. Each of us was paired with a scientist and through conversations with these partners, we created four stories which were then woven together into a script.

The play toured Swedish university cities as a rehearsed reading, the audience seated in a circle, the actors among them, followed by a facilitated discussion. An afternoon performance with an invited audience of researchers was followed by a public show in the evening.