A selection of essays, articles, conversations, book reviews and newsletters.

When the Maps Run Out

A letter I sent to readers of Crossed Lines, three days after the election of Donald Trump

Spelling it Out

An essay about the three languages you need to take a project from dreams to reality. Written for Jessie Brennan’s book, Re:development.

Pockets: A Story for Alan Garner

My contribution to First Light, a collection of writing that celebrates the life and work of the novelist Alan Garner.

Expectations of Life & Death

What is different today is that living to grow old has become a reasonable expectation, something we can almost take for granted, rather than a matter of luck.

End of an Epoch?

A review of two books about the Anthropocene by Christian Schwägerl and Gaia Vince.

The Predicament

What does art do when the world is on fire? This was the question that framed the Dark Mountain Workshop project.

A Journey Begins

This October, as the leaves gather in the gutters of Stockholm, a gang of artists, writers, performers and theatre makers will set off on a journey.
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