A selection of essays, articles, conversations, book reviews and newsletters.

Let’s Get This Party Started!

A short story written for 28 Days, a one-off newspaper published during the UK general election campaign of 2015.

The Shield of Perseus

An essay about the role of literature under the shadow of climate change, commissioned by the Free Word Centre, London.

When Promises of Progress Fail Us

A review of two books that grew out of conversations among the friends and collaborators of Ivan Illich: Grassroots Postmodernism by Gustavo Esteva and Madhu Suri Prakash, and The Future of Development: A Radical Manifesto by Gustavo Esteva, Salvatore Babones…

The Moment When the White Rabbit Goes Past

In the fifth issue of Crossed Lines, I introduced my new role as leader of artistic and audience development at Riksteatern, Sweden’s touring national theatre.

A Five Hundred Year Moment?

Wherever you look, to the left or to the right, you will have a hard time finding a politician who doesn’t want to create more jobs. They may argue over the best means to do so, but they would hardly…

An Outlandish Generosity

As shadows lengthen over our whole way of living, we may once more be in need of the kind of storytelling that stalks truths so monstrous they turn our minds to stone if looked at straight on.

Excavating Buried Assumptions

The radical thought of Ivan Illich speaks more clearly than ever to our times, I argue, in this review of a new selection of his essays.

A Farewell to Uncivilisation

For the fifth Dark Mountain book, I wrote this essay looking back on what we’d learned from four years of running the Uncivilisation festival.

The Capacity for Second Thoughts: Ivan Illich

From his rise to prominence in the late 1960s to the last conversations with David Cayley, published as The Rivers North of the Future, Ivan Illich sought to uncover the hidden assumptions on which modern industrial societies had been built.
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